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What is a wing mirror glass?

The wing mirror glass tends considered an accessory rather than a car part. The wing mirror glass is the actual mirror fitted into the housing of the wing mirror.

There are two different kinds of wing mirrors for sale: convex or aspheric. The latter is often combined with a larger convex section. The two are separated by a dotted line. The convex part shows things smaller than they actually are. The rear view mirror however magnifies the objects shown.

In addition to the distinction between convex and aspheric wing mirrors, there are mirror glasses which have a heating function which is useful in winter when the surface might be frozen. On some vehicles, the car mirror glass has a slightly blue tint.

At we offer the possibility to order complete wing mirrors consisting of the mirror glass and the wing mirror covers, but also to order the glass only. After all, the chances the glass cracks are a lot bigger than that the entire mirror breaks off.

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