Wheel Bearings for Citroen C3

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Changing wheel bearings Citroen C3

Wheel bearings (or hub-bearings) enable the wheels to turn and to be steered. There are two different types of bearing: ball and conical.

To order the correct wheel bearings, use our selector, choosing the model and exact engine specifications of your C3 (Citroen). Mister-Auto offers the appropriate parts for your vehicle; top brands of wheel bearing, such as SKF, MOOG, LUCAS or BÖLK in its low price offers, with products ranging between £20 and £60. Prices will vary according to the model of your Citroen.

What if a wheel bearing C3 is not functioning? How will I know?

A wheel bearing has an average lifespan of 80,000 miles. A growling noise in the wheel is a sign of wear on the wheel bearing. If a Citroen C3 wheel bearing is worn, you may notice while turning a bend, or by manually turning wheels after jacking up your vehicle.