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Replace your Timing Belts on time

What purpose has the timing belt?

Your car’s timing belt or cambelt is one of the most important car parts in your engine. If the timing belt snaps, the result may be irreversible or even the complete destruction of the engine.

The timing belt synchronises the movement of the pistons and valves of the engine. Therefore, if your timing belt does not ensure a synchronised movement, the pistons could collide with the valves thereby causing serious and irreversible damage to the engine.

Following the instruction of most car manufacturers, a timing belt ought to be replaced every 5 years or 62 000 miles. In general, it is not exactly the timing belt that is replaced. Rather the other distribution parts including the pulleys and the water pump are.

Not all engines are equipped with a timing belt. There are cars that have a timing chain rather than a belt. A timing chain is never replaced. When buying a car, especially a second hand, it is important to check the timing belt’s condition to avoid a serious break-down of your car.
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