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Steering Parts

Replacement Steering Parts for the upkeep of your car

What are the steering parts for?

The most important steering parts of your car are: the steering wheel, the steering rack, the tie rods and side rods. The steering parts are linked to the suspension parts.

Most current vehicles are equipped with power steering which means that a hydraulic PAS pump is part of the steering system as well. The steering column is fixed to the steering rack. At both ends you will find the side rods as well as the tie rods ends. All these steering parts ensure the wheels of the vehicle can be moved from left to right when the steering wheel is turned.

The power steering liquid ought to be checked about every 18 500 miles and needs replacing every 50 000 miles. Signs of wear of the steering parts include:

  • resistant points in the steering
  • the vehicle has a tendency to drift even when the steering wheel is kept steady
  • the car ‘hugs’ the road when cornering
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