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When looking for and choosing your SLK starter motor, it is important to pay close attention to a couple of important points: the shape of the part, the size of the ring gear, the number of fixing holes and the voltage.

The replacement of a starter can be a rather complicated task for an inexperienced mechanic so if you're not sure of what you're doing, don't hesistate to have someone assist you.
The most common causes of a SLK starter replacement are broken solenoids, a faulty ignition switch, too much power in the wires, or failing battery connections between the negative battery terminal and the engine.
If when you hear a loud clicking noise when turning the key in the ignition switch to start the engine, you’re likely to have a starter motor problem.

To determine as well as possible which starter references are suitable for your SLK, we recommend you enter your registration number or select engine type of your Mercedes-Benz SLK in the drop down menu.