Spark Plugs for Citroen C4

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How to change the spark plugs in a Citroen C4?

Spark plugs are only found in petrol engines. With 1,500 sparks per minute and a combustion temperature of 2,500°C, spark plugs are subjected to a great deal of pressure! This is why spark plugs must be replaced every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. When a plug is defective or worn, the engine of your Citroen C4 may misfire; consequently, your vehicle could lose power and consume excess fuel.

How do you choose the right spark plugs for your Citroen C4?

There are several models and reference numbers of spark plugs available for Citroen C4. You can remove a spark plug to note the part number on the device. If this number has been erased over time, the measurements will give you an indication (length of thread and diameter) as well as the shape (long or short).

Use our selector to indicate the model and exact engine specifications of your C4 (Citroen), in order to find the appropriate spark plugs. You can choose from among the top brands on offer, such as NGK, BOSCH, BERU or BÖLK else for lower budgets. Prices for spark plugs Citroen C4 can range from £2 to £10. Remember to check whether the spark plugs are sold individually, in pairs or in packs of 4.