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Replace your Radiator Hose on time

What is the role of the radiator hose?

The cooling system of your car is rather complicated and consists of several car parts. The radiator for example consists of two water tanks, one on top and one below.

The radiator is cooled with a coolant which enters into the car part via the radiator hose. The radiator hose or heater hose is made of plastic and relatively flexible and attached onto the top of the radiator. The top water tank has a lid on top so that it is possible to check whether enough coolant remains. The water tank is also connected to the expansion tank which allows to coolant to expand. On the bottom water tank, there is a lid so that the coolant can be taken out and changed. We also find a second radiator hose. attached to the bottom water tank.

To ensure that the cooling liquid flows without leaking through the radiator, it is important the hoses remain watertight. When the plastic starts to crack or perish it is recommended you replace your radiator hose to avoid leakage of coolant.
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