Pollen Filter for NISSAN X-TRAIL (T30)

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Cabin air filter

Thecabin filter of your X-TRAIL (T30) particularly important if your car is equipped with air conditioning.

The cabin or pollen filter cleans the air before it is injected into the cabin of your X-TRAIL (T30). If you live in the country, you won't have to replace your pollen filter more frequently than once every two years. However, if you live in an urbanised area, you will need to replace it every year or even every six months, depending on the air pollution levels in the area.
Please bear in mind that a dirty cabin filter may contain particulates that are damaging for you or your passengers' health. So do not neglect the replacement of this part.

To best determine which cabin filter references are suitable for your car, we recommend you enter your registration number or select your NISSAN X-TRAIL (T30) in the drop down menu.