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Power steering pump

The power steering pumpof your Bmw facilitates the steering of the car. Everyone will remember what is was like turning your steering wheel when power steering on Bmws wasn't all that common yet.

Inside the PAS pump of your Bmw you'll find a working fluid or "hydraulic liquid". When replacing your PAS pump it is therefore important to empty the fluid reservoir first. At Mister-Auto we recommend you catch the fluid in a container so to take it to your local car centre or garage to have it recycled or disposed of properly. This is important as the hydraulic fluid in your PAS pump is highly polluting. Although you'll need to be well equipped to replace your power steering pump, it is not impossible to carry out this reparation yourself. So to find out which PAS pump is suitable for your car, please enter your car's model and engine type into the search engine.

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