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Oil filters Explained at Mister-Auto

In modern cars, the oil filter is an important part of the lubrication system, which is crucial to the uninterrupted operation of the engine. This system allows engine oil to flow through components in order to reduce friction and wear. The oil filter keeps your vehicle’s oil free of debris such as metal filings and other contaminants, which may damage the components of your engine. For this reason, regular checkups on the functionality of your oil filter are among the most critical maintenance jobs on any vehicle.

As a general rule, petrol engines require an oil filter replacement every 6000 miles whilst diesel engines require a replacement every 8000 miles. However, this may vary depending on the particular make and model of vehicle. The ease with which you can replace the filter is also dependent on your vehicle, and you should consult your manufacturer handbook in order to identify its location and replacement instructions. Be aware that neglecting to change your oil filter may cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Types of Oil Filter

Oil filters generally fall into two categories: spin-on units or a cartridge and permanent housing system. The earliest automotive oil filters were based on the cartridge system; this was superseded by spin-on units in the 1950s. Spin-on units helped make filter changes more convenient and less messy for the user. However, in an effort to reduce waste, European and Asian manufacturers began to shift back to the cartridge system in the 1990s, with American manufacturers also implementing the technology shortly after. This means that it is important to double check the type of oil filters used on your vehicle in order to ensure the correct fit.

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