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How to order an Suzuki ALTO oil filter

An oil filter is an important part of your ALTO (Suzuki), because it avoids the premature deterioration of the engine. The price of an Suzuki ALTO oil filter will vary between £3 and £15, according to the model and brand you select. For lower budgets, we recommend our own brand, BÖLK!

When should I change my ALTO oil filter?

The oil filter of your Suzuki ALTO must be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, according to the type of engine (petrol or diesel). It is an important procedure for protecting your engine and maintaining your vehicle.

To change the filter in your ALTO, just one tool is necessary: an oil filter wrench. This will enable you to unscrew the old filter without forcing it. Normally, it should be possible to unscrew an oil filter manually; however, if this is not the case and the filter appears to be blocked, a cinch spanner will most certainly do the job.

To order the right oil filter for your Suzuki ALTO at Mister-Auto, note the part number of the one in your vehicle. You can also trust our selector to identify the part number or numbers of the suitable oil filters for your vehicle and at the best price. All that is required is to enter the model and exact engine specifications of your ALTO (Suzuki) into our selector. We offer brands that correspond to the ones that were originally installed, such as BOSCH, MANN FILTER and VALEO.


ALTO (SS80) – 03/1979 - 08/1984

  • PETROL 0.8 (39Hp)

ALTO – 09/1984 - 12/1988

  • PETROL 0.8 (39Hp)

ALTO (HA11) – 11/1993 - 09/1998

  • PETROL 1.0 (53Hp)

ALTO (HA12, HA23) – 10/1998 - 08/2004

  • PETROL 1.0 (58Hp)

ALTO (HA24) – 09/2004 - Today

  • PETROL 1.1 (63Hp)

ALTO (GF, HA25, HA35) – 01/2009 - Today

  • PETROL 1.0 (68Hp)