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Lambda Sensor

Is your fuel economy decreasing? It is possible that this issue is created by a failing CROMA lambda sensor.

In fact, if that is the case, your fuel economy can decrease by as much as 15%. In addtion, thick black smoke coming out of the exit, acceleration failures or a decreased engine power can be other indicators of a FIAT $serie lambda sensor problem. Do not delay this upkeep too much, because failing lambda sensors can damage your catalytic converter.
There are two types of lambda sensors: heated and unheated. Their lifespan varies depending on the type: an unheated lambda sensors lasts about 37.200 miles and heated sensors up to 62.100 miles.

To ensure we offer you fitting lambda sensors, we advise you to select the model and engine type of your FIAT $serie in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.

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