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The indicator explained by Mister-Auto

Cars have several signalling devices designed to deliver advanced warning to those around them: brake lights, hazard warning lights, and fog lights. Amongst the most frequently used are the indicators. The indicators are located at the front and rear corners of the vehicle, next to the headlights as well as the rear lights, and each side is controlled by a respective handle on either side of the steering wheel. These enable the driver to signal other drivers and pedestrians, which direction they will be turning. But they also perform other important functions, such as allowing drivers to react accordingly, as well as communicating the vehicle size, its direction, and its speed.

Beyond this, the indicators also function as an integral part of the emergency lights system on many vehicles, enabling drivers to increase the visibility of their vehicle when forced to pull over. For these reasons, it’s essential to ensure that all of your indicators are fully-functional at all times; a failure in any one could pose a serious risk not just to you, but also your vehicle and those around you. At Mister-Auto, we recommend keeping a spare indicator and indicator bulbs in your vehicle at all times.

How to replace your indicator

Unlike indicator bulbs, indicators are built into the design of the vehicle. Meaning that if you need to replace one then you will need to find the model that matches your vehicle. Luckily, this isn’t as expensive or as difficult as it sounds. At Mister-Auto we’ve made it easy to buy indicators online. Simply enter the make, model, fuel and engine of your vehicle into our search feature and we’ll locate the right one in seconds. What’s more, we also provide our customers with a range of top-quality indicators by major brands at highly competitive prices—including our own EU certified brand BOLK that features over 2000 reference car parts for all makes and models at a fraction of the cost. Simply follow the instructions enclosed, and you’re ready to go.

Buy indicators online at Mister-Auto

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