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Fuel Filters - Their Role in Car Maintenance

The job of the fuel filter is to protect the health of your engine by preventing dirt or other impurities from getting into the fuel system. This safeguards your engine and ensures it has a longer life. You’ll want to know that there are several different types of filters. Beyond the classic filters, some petrol (or diesel) filters provide more filtration and regulate pressure, as well as temperature. As a rule, the fuel filter can be found towards the engine or under the car, near the back wheels.

When should the fuel filter be changed?

The service life of a fuel filter is about 40,000 km but it’s advisable to replace it at every oil change. A number of warning signs should set off alarm bells, for example, if the engine stalls while driving or you can't get it started. If you notice any of these abnormalities, it’s time to change your filter!

When it’s time to change your fuel filter, don’t hesitate to consult our catalogue! Whether you have a petrol or a diesel car, Mister-Auto can offer you the best filters on the market. So order quality spare parts now, at the lowest prices, and receive them at your home or nearest collection point within 48 hours.

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