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What is a Window Regulator?

For decades, windows in cars had to be opened and closed manually using a device called a hand crank. This all changed for drivers and passengers in the 1960s when car manufacturers began incorporating electronic systems into their vehicles. One of the advances brought about by electronic systems was the window regulator—an electrical motor which allows drivers and passengers to open and close windows with the push of a button.

These days most cars are equipped with a window regulator. Once you activate the window regulator button or switch, it sends a signal from the motor to the window glass and moves the window up or down. Aside from offering greater convenience, window regulators also prevent your car windows from being forcibly opened—providing reassurance whenever you leave your car parked.

A window regulator is one of the most frequently used parts in cars. This makes it likely to suffer from wear and tear, meaning you may need to replace your window regulator multiple times throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. A faulty window regulator results in windows not fully opening and closing. One way you can help your window regulator stay fully functional is to check for grime and small objects that may have found their way into the gap where the window sits, as this can hinder the movement of the window.

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