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Change the front window regulator on your DUCATO (Fiat)

This mechanism enabling your windows to be raised or lowered may be manual or electric.

It should be noted that prices for Fiat DUCATO window regulators range from £40 to £80, according to the model and brand selected. Mister-Auto has selected products for you from major car parts suppliers, such as VALEO, MAGNETTI MARELLI, AC ROLCAR and all at low price offers.

My Fiat DUCATO window regulator has stopped working

Slower window action or a grinding noise will indicate a problem with your vehicle's window regulator. If your window regulator is electric, the problem may either come from:

  • The mechanism (you hear the sound of the motor, but it cannot move the window),
  • Or the motor (there is no sound at all when you push the button).

How to identify the specifications of the window regulator in your DUCATO?

In order to be able to select the part number of the window regulator in your vehicle, check the specifications of the products offered by Mister-Auto. You must verify the assembly side (left for the driver and right for the passenger), with or without a motor and whether or not there is a comfort function. Note whether the model of window regulator is intended for installation in a 3- or 5-door version. To order the appropriate window regulator for your vehicle, enter the model and exact engine specifications of your Fiat DUCATO into our selector.

Please also note that replacing a window regulator is a delicate operation for someone with limited experience of carrying out his/her own repairs. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist.


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