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Change the front window regulator on your 5 SERIES (Bmw)

This mechanism enabling your windows to be raised or lowered may be manual or electric.

It should be noted that prices for Bmw 5 SERIES window regulators range from £40 to £80, according to the model and brand selected. Mister-Auto has selected products for you from major car parts suppliers, such as VALEO, MAGNETTI MARELLI, AC ROLCAR and all at low price offers.

My Bmw 5 SERIES window regulator has stopped working

Slower window action or a grinding noise will indicate a problem with your vehicle's window regulator. If your window regulator is electric, the problem may either come from:

  • The mechanism (you hear the sound of the motor, but it cannot move the window),
  • Or the motor (there is no sound at all when you push the button).

How to identify the specifications of the window regulator in your 5 SERIES?

In order to be able to select the part number of the window regulator in your vehicle, check the specifications of the products offered by Mister-Auto. You must verify the assembly side (left for the driver and right for the passenger), with or without a motor and whether or not there is a comfort function. Note whether the model of window regulator is intended for installation in a 3- or 5-door version. To order the appropriate window regulator for your vehicle, enter the model and exact engine specifications of your Bmw 5 SERIES into our selector.

Please also note that replacing a window regulator is a delicate operation for someone with limited experience of carrying out his/her own repairs. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist.


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