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End Silencer

The replacement of your HR-V (GH)'s rear silencer becomes necessary when the part gets too rusty.

Remember that the exhaust of your car is subjected to harsh conditions. Large and frequent temperatures changes, gas acids and deposits, water and salt of the road in winter all have a wearing effect on the exhaust of which the end silencer is a part.
The exhaust rubbers of your HR-V (GH), which suspend the silencer, dry out due to the same causes. We therefore recommend you regularly (every year) check the state of your exhaust system. If the exhaust rubbers are cracked or if they break, it'll be necessary to replace them. If you however see that you cannot attach the HR-V (GH) end silencer properly due to rust for example, the entire part needs replacing.

To determine as well as possible which end silencer reference will fit to your car, we recommend you enter your registration number or your HONDA HR-V (GH) HR-V's details using the drop down menu to your right.

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