Drive Shafts for Renault ESPACE

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Change the drive shaft on your ESPACE (Renault)

The drive shaft is the transmission camshaft. It is connected to the gearbox.

Mister-Auto has selected top brands of drive shaft for installation on your ESPACE, such as DA SILVA, CEVAM, SKF and SPIDAN, with prices ranging between £60 and £120.

When should a Renault ESPACE universal joint be replaced?

You must change the drive shaft of your ESPACE (Renault) approximately every 80,000 miles. But it must be checked regularly, especially the CV boots. Note that changing the drive shaft requires the correct tools to remove the wheel and braking system, as well as changing the oil in the gearbox. In order to best determine the part number of the suitable drive shaft for your vehicle, enter the model and exact engine specifications of your ESPACE (Renault) into our selector.

How will you know if your ESPACE drive shaft is broken?

A rattling noise when taking bends will indicate play between the camshaft and joints in the case of front traction. In contrast, during propulsion, this sound may be detected when driving straight ahead during acceleration or deceleration.

When you decide to purchase a drive shaft for your car, it is important to look for certain points. Check the assembly side (wheel or gearbox), the number of teeth and total length. It essential to know these measurements, in order to select the appropriate drive shaft.