By DRIVE BELT NISSAN MICRA III at discount prices

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V-Ribbed Belts

Mister-Auto has selected drive belts from top brands for your MICRA III (K12).

Choose your discount drive belt from Contitech, Gates or Dayco. Replacing the drive belt on your MICRA III (K12) is relatively easy.
Turn the NISSAN $serie drive belt tensioner pulley loose. This will slacken the drive belt. This is even easier to carry out if the vehicle has an automatic tensioner. All you'll need to do, is to block the tensioner with a screwdriver.
Once you have positioned the new belt, you can let the tensioner go, so that it automatically tightens the drive belt.

On MICRA III (K12)s which do not have an automatic drive belt tensioner, you will need to release the belt manually before replacing it. Once your new drive belt is in place, you'll need to tighten it with the engine and the ac switched on. The tension of the drive belt needs to be adjusted with a screwdriver.
As soon as the belt stops squeaking, the belt is tightened.