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What’s the Function of a Particulate Filter?

Particulate filters are now fitted onto cars that run on diesel. This is a recent shift in production methods as manufactures strive to meet global emissions regulations. Particulate filters are designed to keep a vehicle’s emissions to a minimum.

Car’s fitted with typical diesel engines create a mixture of harmful pollutants as a by-product of the engine combustion process. An individual particle cannot be seen with the naked eye, but when enough of them collect in one place they form a dusty black coating called soot. Drivers can buy a particulate filter and fit it to the exhaust of their cars in order to limit the impact of this soot on the world around us. A particulate filter essentially catches soot as it makes its way out of the exhaust system, before it can enter the open air. These days, you can buy particulate filters with comprehensive soot-trapping capabilities—even blocking up to 95% of harmful soot from exiting your vehicle.

Taking Care of Your Car and Your Particulate Filter

A particulate filter can burn off the soot it collects. However, it performs this function best when the vehicle’s engine is hot—after an extended drive or a burst of prolonged acceleration. The hot conditions inside the car help the particulate filter to optimally burn off the particles. Many new drivers are unaware of this, and often wonder why their particulate filter is blocked with excess soot. The answer is because they only use their vehicle for short journeys where the engine and car never get hot enough for the particulate filter to effectively burn off the soot it traps, leading to a blockage. A blocked particulate filter can have an adverse effect on your engine—even causing extensive damage in some cases.

There’s no need to wait until a particulate filter warning light flashes on your dashboard. You can give your car a helping hand by taking it for a strenuous drive every now and then—at least once a week—in order to get the engine hot enough for the particulate filter to burn off all the soot it has collected. Half an hour on an A-road or dual carriageway should do the job, and help you maintain the efficacy and health of both your car and your particulate filter.

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