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Compressor, air conditioning

When needs the air conditioning compressor of your BMW 5 (E60) replacing?

Generally the lifespan of a compressor is about ten years. This is an indication only however and it is well possible that your ac compressor lasts longer or breaks down sooner.

The price of an air conditioning compressor varies according to its size and power. Count between £300 to sometimes over £550 for a new compressor.
br>It is important to know that this type of part is often refurbished.
So, when you to buy your BMW 5 (E60) compressor, a deposit is included in the price. All you need to do is return us your old air conditioning compressor so that we can refund you the deposit once we have received your part.

To choose fitting compressors, please enter your registration number or select your engine type of your BMW 5 (E60) in the drop down menu.