Coil Springs for Kia CEE'D

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Coil Spring

A replacement of your CEE'D's coil springs usually takes place when the latter are broken.

Coil springs are typical wearing parts. Road irregularities, the weight of your $serie and corrosion due to salt and humidity all have a wearing effect on your springs which end up breaking in the worst case scenario or just become less and less flexible.
In either case, your Kia $serie's adherence to the ground deteriorates resulting in a reduced road security for you and your passengers. Know though that Mister-Auto offers you a wide selection of top suspension brands including Monroe, Sachs or Febi Bilstein at discount prices.

To find the right coil springs for your car, we advise you to select the model and engine type of your Kia $serie in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.