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Catalytic Converters

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Replacement Catalytic Converters for the upkeep of your car

What is the catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter and/or lambda sensor is compulsory for your MOT if the first registration of your car is 1993.

A catalytic converter decreases the amount of poisons in the exhaust fumes. There is a difference though between the catalytic converters of a diesel and a petrol engine. A diesel engine has a two-way cat con whereas a petrol car has a three-way catalytic converter. In addition a diesel is often equipped with a DPF as well.

The cat converter starts working when the engine of the car is warm and the exhaust fumes reach a temperature of 300°C. A cat con needs replacing about every 74 500 miles. If you notice your fuel consumption increases or you see smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe, it is recommendable to have your cat con checked to ensure it is not faulty.
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