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Changing the catalytic converter on your Mercedes-Benz VITO

The exhaust catalyst or catalytic converter minimizes pollution and reduces the exhaust fumes emitted by your VITO. Its lifespan is approximately 80,000 miles. This average lifespan may be reduced in the case of engine malfunction.

Mister-Auto has selected top original brands of catalytic converter for you, such as BOSAL, MTS, WALKER or AS, at low prices. Enter the exact model and engine specifications of your Mercedes-Benz VITO into our selector, in order to find the least expensive compatible catalytic converters.

A new catalytic converter can cost hundreds of pounds, as the price spectrum is rather wide: between £150 and £300, according to the model and engine specifications of your Mercedes-Benz VITO, as well as depending on the brand you select.

Please note that all the catalytic converters we sell come with a manual transmission shaft seal and attachment rings, because these small parts should generally be changed at the same time. It will probably also be necessary to replace the lambda sensors: these are usually found above and below the catalytic converter and transmit information to the computer in your VITO.

Is the catalytic converter defective or clogged in your VITO? Avoid a breakdown!

One of the advance warning signs is dense/opaque smoke coming from the catalytic converter. An unusual noise when accelerating can also be a sign that the catalytic converter is clogged. In fact, if your VITO stalls regularly, starts losing power, or if there is an abnormal increase in fuel consumption, the condition of the catalytic converter may be under threat.

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