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The Caliper Explained by Mister-Auto

The caliper is an essential part of your braking system. When you engage the brake pedal, brake fluid flows from the master cylinder to the calipers, this then applies pressure on the pistons, which in turn cause the caliper and brake pads to close over the brake disc slowing the wheel. Most vehicles have two calipers, one on each of the front two wheels, though some have them on all four. Because they are exposed to high temperatures the seals can weaken, in addition to this they also wear due to rust and leak brake fluid. If your caliper is faulty, it’s important to replace it quickly as it means your brakes will be less effective. Luckily it’s easy to replace, you can buy a caliper online for all makes and models of vehicles at Mister-Auto. Plus, with our intuitive search feature, it’s easy to find the right one for your car.

Signs You Need to Buy Calipers

There are several signs that you need to buy a new caliper, these are listed below.

  • Pull when braking. Often when one of the calipers is worn, it will make one brake less effective than the other, causing the vehicle to move either left or right when you brake.

  • Leaking brake fluid. One of the clearest indications that your calipers are failing is brake fluid. If you notice clear fluid on the group after leaving your vehicle parked, or if you see signs of brake fluid on the wheel of your vehicle, it could be the result of a weakened seal on the caliper.

  • Soft brake. If the seal has weakened and brake fluid is being released, this will affect the resistance of the brake pedal when you engage it. If the brake feels soft or spongy, it’s worth checking the condition of your caliper.

  • Noise. If you notice a squeaking or squealing noise this can be the result of several things, but a failed caliper is one.

Buy Calipers Online at Mister-Auto

If you need to buy new calipers, at Mister-Auto we make it easy. Since 2007, we’ve been helping millions of people across Europe get back on the road. As a result, we’re now one of the leading online suppliers of replacement parts and accessories. This is because at Mister-Auto we’re focused on one thing: customer service. We take an unbeatable selection of over 300,000 car parts and accessories for all makes and models, and pair it with competitive prices to bring you deals you won’t find anywhere else online. In addition to this, fast shipping, tracking, and 14 day returns are standard. Once you’ve found what you need, you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, if you have any queries, you can contact our help centre from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, and we’ll be happy to help. So, if you need to buy calipers online, try Mister-Auto today!

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