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Brake Caliper

To choose the right ALHAMBRA brake caliper, it is important to check a couple of technical details. Before ordering your caliper, you need to know the piston's diameter and what shape calliper you need (single or double).

As brake calipers are car parts that can be refurbished, you can also opt for a reparation of your caliper which might be blocked for example. Very often however, the reparation of your old caliper is almost as expensive as buying a new one.
Replacing the calipers of a $serie should be carried out by relatively experienced mechanics. The most delicate is bleeding the brake system. If you're not sure or just because it's easier, ask for help!

A brake caliper costs between £ 70 and £180.
To find out which caliper references you need for your vehicle we recommend you enter your registration number or select the exact engine type of your SEAT $serie in the drop down menu.

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