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What is a brake hose?

The brake hose, or sometimes called the brake line, is the last part of the hydraulic circuit. It is connected to the brake calipers and channel high-pressure brake liquid.

All car hoses and pipes are made of steel and cannot move. As it is important that brake hoses respond well to the movement of the vehicle's axles, they are flexible though.

A flexible brake hose consists of three layers: the first of rubber, the second is a braided hose of synthetic fibres and the last is a simple plastic cover to protect the part.

The plastic becomes used over time however and therefore needs to be checked about every four years to ensure it is still in good condition. To check if the brake hose is still in working order, all you need to do is bend it to see if little cracks appear in the rubber. If that is the case, it is time to replace the brake hose.At you will find high quality brake hoses at the lowest cost possible.
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