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What are brake discs?

Today all cars are equipped with brake discs. They consist of high tensile steel which is relatively heat-resistant. This is important as the friction used to have the vehicle come to a stop, generates a lot of heat.

Although more kinds of brake discs exist, the most used on cars are either solid iron or ventilated. Ventilated or vented brake discs are hollowed out for better heat dissipation. Whether a car needs solid or ventilated brake discs is determined by its weight and power. More powerful and heavier vehicles tend to have ventilated discs.

When to replace brake discs?

Over time, brake discs become worn and will need replacing. Although the average lifetime of brake discs is about 37 000 miles, this also depends on your driving style. Frequent and sudden braking will cause your brake discs to wear off more quickly.

When replacing your brake discs, we recommend you do so per axle. At we therefore offer mainly brake disc sets of 2. Individually sold brake discs, tend to be for the rear axle.
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