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Front DAIHATSU brake discs are essential for effective braking of a vehicle. They are subjected to high pressure and friction which over time causes them to wear and tear. Keep therefore a close eye on their wearing especially if your front don't have a wearing contact that warns you when they need replacing. It is important to bear in mind that a worn brake disc is up to 60% less effective than a new one. In addition it will cause the brake pads to wear more quickly as well. It is therefore recommended to change your brake discs at the same time as the brake pads. The lifespan of the front brake discs on your DAIHATSU is estimated at 31 000 miles at the most. On top of that, Mister-Auto offers you brake discs for your DAIHATSU from top brandes including TRW, Bendix, Textar, Bosch or ATE. To best determine which brake disc references are most compatible with your DAIHATSU, please enter the model and engine of your DAIHATSU in the drop down menu.

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