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Why should I change my air filter?

The role of an air filter is to protect the engine by blocking dust and other particles from passing through the air flow into the engine. In addition, it ensures the best quality of the air-fuel mix entering the cylinders through the valves. There are several different types of air filters, including:

  • Dry air filters
  • Oiled air filters
  • Oil-bath filters

Composition of an air filter: the air filter is either round or rectangular and is made of either cotton or paper. It is surrounded by a rubber seal that ensures the impermeability of the filter.

When do you need to change an air filter?

The air filter can be changed either at every check-up, every year, or every 20,000 – 50,000 km. Depending on the model of your car, your driving style and the type of roads you use (town or open road), your air filter will last for different lengths of time. It is thus advisable to consult your auto repair handbook or ask your car manufacturer directly for advice. Be aware that if you drive on a dusty road, your filter will need to be changed more often.

A defective air filter can cause fuel overconsumption, air pollution or even breakdown of the engine. You’ll know that a filter is at the end of its life when you feel a lack of power upon acceleration or see dark smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Replacing your air filter

These are the steps you need to take in order to change your air filter successfully:

  1. Before starting your repairs, check that your new air filter is identical to the old one. If in doubt, consult your auto repair manual or ask your dealer for advice.

  2. Now that you have chosen the correct air filter, you can place your car on a flat, stable surface, switch off the engine and activate the hand brake. For added safety, you can also put it into first gear so that the car can’t move.

  3. Open the bonnet and find the air filter. It can be found in an enclosed casing surrounded by a protective cover that is situated on the top of the engine. In older car models, the air filter is located above the carburettor in a metallic or plastic case.

  4. Take your air filter out from its casing.

  5. Now clean the empty casing with the help of a compressor or vacuum cleaner in order to remove all the dirt.
    Attention: to prevent dust from entering the engine, block the air intake of the carburettor with an adhesive or balled up piece of aluminium foil while you are doing the repairs.

  6. Replace the old filter with the new one by simply slotting it into place. Check that the filter fits perfectly into the casing. To finish, replace the screws or bolts and close the bonnet.

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