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Air Filter

The air filter of your LUPO consists of a pleated paper filter and a plastic or metal housing.

The paper is of course not what you'd use to write on, but especially adapted for filtration. An air filter can have a cylindrical, round or flat rectangular shape.
Regardless which shape your air filter housing has, the paper is pleated to create a large filtering surface using up as little space as possible.

The air filter tends to be relatively accessible; all you'll need to do is identify the air container. You’ll find your air filter inside. Air filters really are quite affordable car parts. You'll get a new air filter in a price range between £6 and £40, depending on the car.
In the Mister-Auto catalogue you'll find air filters from quality brands including Mann Filter or Bosch.

To determine as well as possible which air filter references are suitable for your LUPO, we recommend you enter your registration number or select the exact engine type of your VOLKSWAGEN LUPO in the drop down menu.

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