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Air Filter

The air filter of your Citroen is to clean the air that is injected into your car's engine. In fact, the major purpose of the air filter is to clean the air your car takes in from dirt, particles and other tiny elements that could damage the engine. However small, any particles that get injected into the engine can cause the latter to wear prematurely or even cause permanent damage. At Mister-Auto we therefore recommend you replace your air filter every 9300 to 15500 miles or once a year. A dirty air filter can lead to a richer fuel/air mixture which can easily result in choking or damaging the engine. Other negative consequences include increasing fuel consumption, decreasing power and higher pollution for the environment.

Air filters are relatively cheap car parts and with our discount prices the upkeep of your car remains affordable. To find the right Citroen air filter for your car, please enter the model and engine type into the search engine.