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Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter prevents your engine from 'breathing'.

The quality of the air/fuel mixture that is injected into the combustion chamber deteriorates. You will notice that as the vehicle loses power and your fuel economy decreases.
When do I need to change the air filter of my SAXO (S0, S1)? Your car manufacturer will in general indicate that the air filter needs replacing every 9.300 to 15.500 miles. An air filter will get clogged up more quickly if you drive predominantly in urbanised areas where the air is more polluted than in the country for example.
Replacing the air filter of your SAXO (S0, S1) is relatively easy. You only need to carefully take it out of its housing.

To determine as well as possible which air filter references fit to your vehicle, we recommend you use your registration number or the engine type of your CITROEN $serie SAXO (S0, S1) to make a selection.